Coldnoon is one of the largest online literary magazines published from Asia. It has published authors from all over the world, largely from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, among others.

Please ensure you have diligently followed our guidelines below, should you consider publishing your writing with us.


Genres we Publish

There is no restriction on the genres that we publish. Writings submitted to Coldnoon are shortlisted on the basis of their conformance to the subject rather than genre. We only classify on the basis of poetry, fiction and nonfiction. But that is no reflection on what genre of work you might wish to send us.

We publish works that have a strong attachment to space, geography, landscapes, architecture, urbanism or pastoralism–a sense of topophilia–without really going into the knick-knacks of form. Please feel free to send us works that transgress forms, or genres, if it happens to be linked with our subject in any way.

We have also started an engaging series called the Detours, which publishes interesting listicles. Please scroll down to know more.


Diaries & Dialogues

If your intended submission is a creative work (fiction, prose, nonfiction, poetry, travelogue) 500-900 words, send it to our Diaries section, at

If your intended submission is a creative or long analytical or research work (fiction, prose, nonfiction, poetry, collection of poems, travelogue, opinion, research paper) 950 words and above, send it to our Dialogues section, at


Travel Bulletin

If your intended submission is more factual or based on reportage, send it to our Travel Bulletin section, at  We are looking for short pieces (200-1200 words) which are innovative and newsworthy, either historically or based on current affairs, representing intersections of literature, culture, conflict, politics, cinema, popular culture, restaurants, lifestyle, and so on. If your submission is of above 1200 words, consider sending it to the Dialogues section.



If you are interested in making a contribution in the form of a list, such as a list of interesting bookshops, travel writers, hotels, restaurants, architectural forms, railway stations, monumental clocks, built or natural heritages, dark tourism, travel destinations, vintage industries, travel and lifestyle, fashion, celebrities and travelling, and so on, please send us your pitch, briefly, and we shall get back to you on whether we would like you to go ahead with it. Since we have a literary bent of mind, you must try to imbibe that lyrical spirit of travel writing, and not just deliver a bland list, without any insight, analysis, or literary example. Mails should be sent to



To write for the journal please follow this link and the guidelines therein.


Submission Guidelines

  • Please ensure that your submission is thoroughly proofread. We are unable to go ahead with submissions that show insufficient proficiency in the English language.
  • Do not use in-text citations. All citations should be made as footnotes. Please follow the Chicago Manual style for footnote referencing. Do not add a bibliography or a list of references in addition.
  • All submissions should only be left-aligned. Works (poems, for instance) with non-left-aligned or experimental lineation is strongly discouraged.
  • Send us your submissions in an MS Word file (no other format shall be opened). Also, send up to five keywords separated by commas, as part of your submission. For instance, if your work is on the traffic of opium in Victorian India, your keywords may be: Victorian India, nineteenth century, British imperialism, opium, China
  • Attach a brief author bio-note in third person (as a separate attachment). The bio-notes should contain only professional information, affiliations, publications, and research or literary interests. All major publication names (books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers) should be italicized. All minor publication names (poems, essays, articles) should be within inverted commas.
  • Also send a photograph of yourself (a clear mugshot and aesthetically appropriate for the purposes of attribution. Selfies, blurred or pixelated images shall not be opened).
  • Include a short cover letter in the body of your email (introducing yourself and a sentence or two on why you would like Coldnoon to publish your work).
  • Any submission received in PDF form or included in the body of the email will not be reviewed or accepted.
  • Refrain from sending your work in more than one email address provided. If it is difficult for you to decide which email you must send your work across to then send it to us at any one address that you deem fit, and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.
  • If your submission has not been accepted (we do read and review each submission very carefully), please wait at least six month before sending it to us again.
  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us immediately should your work be accepted elsewhere.


Review & Feedback

We usually respond within 2 weeks of your submissions. If we do not you can presume that we would not be able to publish your work. We believe in utmost transparency in our publishing policies. You can always call us for a feedback, or a pitch regarding your work at 91-8130224674.