Come the October of 2016, we will be shortlisting six authors (one work each) as nominees for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, which is awarded each year in New York City. Pushcart winners are also featured in the yearly publication of the Pushcart Press. This gives you an added incentive to turn in the best of your writing for publication in Coldnoon.

We are absolute sticklers for novelty as well as transparency. We publish works with the least of fuss or do not publish them at all. This means, even in the nominations process we will maintain absolute distance from any kind of lobbying or favoritism. It always helps to stay in touch and if yo so wish you are more than welcome to contact the editor here. However, this does not at all translate into personal bias over literary talents and skills.


About Pushcart Prize

Since 1976, the Pushcart Press has been rewarding and publishing authors whose works have appeared in magazines and journals from all around the world. To read more about the Pushcart Prize please visit their website.