What kind of information do we collect?

Coldnoon gathers information from its readers based on their names and email addresses. It is not in our interest to ascertain the nationality, gender, religion or title of the reader concerned.


What do we do with the information we collect?

The only purpose for which we would be storing the email addresses of our readers is to send them our weekly newsletter. We do not send spam mails to readers who may be yet to subscribe, or those who have unsubscribed.


Under what circumstances shall we be divulging the information that we have?

None whatsoever! We will not be using or sharing email addresses for any purpose other than requirements of mailing the Coldnoon newsletter.


What do we send in our newsletter?

A weekly list of our publications, which involves the lists from the online magazine, and the digital and print journal (the latter, as and when applicable), along with important announcements.