Syria: Turkey ground operation in Afrin begins ‘de facto’

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has threatened to initiate a ground operation in order to overthrow the Kurdish fighters who have been holding the Afrin region since 2012.


Where China Built Its Bomb, Dark Memories Haunt the Ruins

A city which disappeared from the maps back in 1958, hides amidst the uplands of northwestern China. This remote place called Jinyintan, was turned into a nuclear, which is still forbidden to foreigners.


Serving up a message: Artists from Israel and India bring women’s stories and struggles to the table

Inspired by the American artist Judy Chicago, Shirley Siegal, an Israeli artist and archaeologist, worked in collaboration with Madan Lal curator, an Indian, to exhibit Indian and Israeli women’s stories. A dining hall that is full of painted cutlery and tableware is called “The Plate and the Palette”.


US government shutdown: anniversary of Trump inauguration marred by chaos

Various government programs in the United States will be affected with the absence of hundreds of thousands of federal employees as Trump completes his first year of presidency.  This shutdown was not expected by many in the White House and lacks proper planning.


The Painstaking Process Behind Those Wild WWI Naval Paint Jobs

The “Dazzle” paint was first thought of by Norman Wilkinson, an artist as well as a Navy volunteer, during when German submarines were posing a deadly threat. The aim was to mislead and not conceal.


Coldnoon Bureau

Coldnoon Bureau

Coldnoon (International Journal of Travel Writing & Travelling Cultures) is one of the largest online literary magazines published from Asia. It has published authors from all over the world, largely from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, among others.