The Early British were Not So British

The DNA of the oldest skeleton preserved in Britain disclosed that the skin lightning genes were not prevalent even in the early Europeans until the onset of farming, which was long after Cheddar Man’s existence. Cheddar Man is found to be dark skinned with blue eyes and dark curly hair.


North Yorkshire’s Dark Skies Festival

North Yorkshire’s Dark Skies Festival is celebrating its third season this year, from the 9th to the 25th of February, in the North York Moors. With the light pollution at the minimum, one can see the Milky Way through the naked eyes, offering the most spectacular view possible.


The Irish Blaa, A Gift From The French

Blaa, the staple breakfast of Waterford, Ireland, is the most loved Irish bread, eaten with various combinations and variations. It is so deeply entrenched in their daily routine that it is synonymous to their identity. However, Blaa is not an indigenous invention, it was brought by the French, who unlike the Irish, were into wheat baking.


London Has Found Its Booming Art Center

Peckham, London, is now the favourite place for the art enthusiasts in London, offering a very cheap rent for the artists and a perfect location, right in the middle of the city. It has become the most preferred location for all art exhibitions, even for all the reputed artists and curators.


Basant, A Fading Memory

The kite festival of Pakistan, celebrating the arrival of Spring, was banned by the Pakistani government a decade ago fearing the public safety. It was one of the most loved festivals of many in Pakistan, but is now suffering the same fate as Baisakhi and Lohri.


Coldnoon Bureau

Coldnoon Bureau

Coldnoon (International Journal of Travel Writing & Travelling Cultures) is one of the largest online literary magazines published from Asia. It has published authors from all over the world, largely from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, among others.