Getting on the metro dressed in complete sporting gear has become the new trend in the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT). The MRT has delivered a crushing blow to the drudgery of daily commute on public transport. A six-coach metro car has been done up to represent the different venues for the Summer Universiade, 2017.

The capital of Taiwan just hosted the 29th installment of the Summer Universiade.  This is one of the largest sporting events for university athletes. With over 7,700 participants from 153 countries, the Universiade is often called a university-level equivalent of the Olympics.

This is the first time the Taiwan government is hosting an event of this kind and scale. Therefore, there is an active attempt to garner public frenzy and excitement for the upcoming events. The Taiwan tourism department, in partnership with EasyCard Corporation, has come up with a number of innovative ideas to achieve this goal.

The transformation of the metro cars is a part of this project. The floors of the metro compartments have been turned into swimming pools, running tracks, basketball courts and soccer fields. The three-dimensional set-up of the trains and the precision of designs gives them a realistic touch.

The most noteworthy of these train coaches is the swimming pool coach. The striking blue color, natural water design and ripple effect on the floors of this coach make it difficult to tell it apart from a real pool.

The MRT project has taken most social media platforms by storm.  Hordes of daily commuters have been seen pretending to play their favourite sport on the coaches for pictures.  A number of university athletes, dressed in their team uniforms, have also taken their turn posing for photographs in the compartments. The swimming pool coach, described as ‘instagram-able’ by commuters, has attracted the most social media attention.

The theme of the complete project is ‘Taipei in Motion’. It has been borrowed from a short film of the same name which contains shots of sports interspersed with shots of urban transport.

The 29th Summer Universiade started off on August 19 and closed on August 30.


Sayani Dey

Sayani Dey

Sayani Dey is a student of law at the Jindal Global University. She is interested in studying the history of social movements, gender relations and literature.