Beyond the violence and curfews, this is what everyday life in Srinagar looks like

Srinagar, the beautiful capital of Kashmir, has much more to it than the prevailing violence. Forgetting the curfews and the struggles, Srinagar is just like any other city with beautiful people.


O Canada: Senate backs gender-neutral changes to national anthem

The Canadian national anthem, “O Canada”, stirred a debate amongst the citizens over a bill passed by the Canadian Senate in an attempt to make it gender neutral by changing two words.


In Afghanistan’s Unwinnable War, What’s the Best Loss to Hope for?

After 16 years of continuous warfare, the Afghan government seems to have lost hope. There is hardly anything to be done now, the only strategy is to prevent the Taliban for as long as possible.


Want to Be President of Mexico? There’s an App for That

With about 50 independent candidates aspiring to become the President of Mexico, there is an app that was aiming at easing the election process, but does not seem to meet its purpose very well.


Has Artificial Intelligence Cracked the Voynich Manuscript’s Mysterious Code?

For centuries, people have unsuccessfully tried to decode the 15th– century Voynich Manuscript. However, the researchers at the University of Alberta, Canada, are trying a new approach by using artificial intelligence.


Coldnoon Bureau

Coldnoon Bureau

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