The British endurance cyclist, from Edinburgh, Mark Beaumont, has just broken the record for cycling around the globe by reaching his schedule a day before his planned adventure of 80 days. 79 days ago, he left France in July, 2017, on a marathon drive to circumnavigate the world in 80 days. Today, September 19, 2017, he returned to Paris on the seventy ninth day of his journey. Beaumont is waiting for an official announcement of his new Guinness World Record title. The previous record for the 18,000-mile Artemis World Cycle was 123 days, which he has neatly broken by 44 days, notwithstanding his travails in sub-zero climates in the southern hemisphere and North American forest fires.

In 2008, Beaumont had set the earlier world record, of 194 days, which was broken by the New Zealander, Andrew Nicholson, who cycled around the world in 123 days. During this stint, Beaumont suffered a broken tooth, a fractured elbow and hoodwinked death in Melbourne. In 2015, he had set the world record for cycling across Africa, in 42 days and eight hours.


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