Bilateral visits set to deepen China-Japan ties

China and Japan have been fostering friendship for a period of 40 years now and they intend to strengthen their ties. The Prime Ministers of both the countries could commence their reciprocal visits with the trilateral meeting and continue till the G-20 summit.


Defeated in Syria, ISIS Fighters Held in Camps Still Pose a Threat

Hundreds of ISIS fighters are held captive in camps by American and Kurdish military officials in Syria. The Americans are trying to deal with this situation, but they still suspect the militants who escaped and believe that they are still active and coherent.


M.F. Husain show opens in Dhaka

Dhaka opened an exhibition, exhibiting 59 pieces of art made by M. F. Husain’s in his first solo exhibition on Wednesday. The exhibition will last for a week.


Documentary ‘3 Seconds Divorce’ revisits the effects of triple talaq on Muslim women

Shazia Javed’s documentary, “3 Seconds Divorce”, has recorded experiences of Muslim women, reminding us of the reasons behind the enraged protests against Triple Talak. It will be screened at the Mumbai International Festival between 28th January and 3rd February.


Five months on, understanding Doklam ‘disengagement’, a few other issues

“Disengagement”, was understood to be withdrawal of troops completely. However, both the sides had moved only a few hundred metres away from the faceoff area and Chinese army men’s presence was very prominent.


Coldnoon Bureau

Coldnoon Bureau

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