Netanyahu and Modi praise ‘new era’ in India-Israel ties

India and Israel signed various deals of cooperation in fields like agriculture, defence and technology. Modi is the first Indian prime minister to have visited Israel. He welcomed the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday for his 6-day visit in India.


Moshe Holtzberg, kid who survived 26/11, returns to Mumbai after 10 years

A face of hope, Moshe Holtzberg, returns to Mumbai after 10 years considering the promise made by Israeli Prime Minister. Moshe Holtzberg, popularly known as Baby Moshe, is one of the three who survived the Chabad House massacre.


Bangladesh Agrees with Myanmar to Complete Rohingya Return in Two Years

Bangladesh agreed to process the returning of Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar within a period of two years from the commencement of repatriation. The date of commencement has not been announced yet.


Curry from the colonies: The incredible advice for young brides from Raj-era cookbooks

Curried dishes had become leisured events by the 1880s along with many other adaptations like the ‘tiffin’ and small breakfast. These were the examples of the “fusion foods”, the earliest of their kinds, which emerged out of adjustments made by the memsahibs.


The Oldest Object in England’s Crown Jewels Is a Spoon

The oldest object in the Crown Jewels of England, the spoon, was recorded in 1349 for the first time. It initially appears to be used for mixing water and wine, but in 1603, it was used in a coronation ceremony for anointing a monarch.


Chandni Pramesh Modi

Chandni Pramesh Modi

Chandni Modi is a student of law at O.P. Jindal Global University.