Updated: Chinglish vs Americhina

As halfyuans climb near
The wall-e to celebrate
Freedamn newly gained
From the innernet
As well as from don’trains
We antizens find ourselves living
A livelihard and getting poor
In the stuckmarket

Full of niubility
Some renowned profartssors
Keep playing zhuangbility
By acting like tuhaos
Trying to sponsor foulsball

Meanwhile, many a gambller
From our goveruptioin has to
Prepay for his own corpspend
Like a real shability because they
Cannot remain emotionnormal
After breaking the harmany
As they receive canslsensorship
Or play suihide with their conscience

There are people mountain people sea
All yakshitting over there
You can you up; otherwise
No can no bb, since you know
Well: no zuo no die



In the climate of my heart
You will evaporate into the blue
If I am too hot; or become frozen
If too cold; but you will always
Remain clear, soft, pure, ready

To flow gracefully, as long
As the temperature is mild enough


To Change Yourself is to Change the Whole World

You know little, you know nothing
About quantum entanglement?
Don’t feel ignorant. Me either

But listen: once you’ve changed
Your own inner being, you will
Be better off, and once your self is
Better off, so will your family; so will
Your neighborhood; your village or city
Your homeland; your (and our)
Whole world. The same is true

With quantum physics, exactly
As in human society


Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming, nine-time Pushcart and one-time Best of Net nominee, grew up in a remote village, started to learn English at age 19, and published monographs on translation before moving out of China. With a Canadian PhD in English, Yuan currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Qing Yuan in Vancouver; publication credits include Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline, London Magazine,Taj Mahal Review, Threepenny Review and 1289 others across 38 countries.