Oh dear Mary Jane
tonight I burnt my mouth again.
About some years ago I had
started this affair
having left you once for months,
it’s indeed more than rare:

a la-long time since a friend
had made sure I find you
oh, I even remember when,
and thy sweet taste too.

Coughed so hard it shook the ground,
since then I feel, my lungs are bound

to your tinctures, your strains
that render me euphoric
in my left & right brains

although I ask a little wish:
if only tomorrow could be
one great abyss,
of freedom and poetry.
ike two little flowers,
atop life’s tree.

Monday would disappear as if,
Dorothy’s dream in Oz,
h, if only work could pause.

I’d leave them, and they would
let me slip
by, as strangers at a bus stand stood,
on an unplanned trip, with averted eyes.

A freedom of expression
one found in this dimension,
the magic it does to one’s brain.
Mother Mary
pushed out fear,
the poem drew much near,
so here’s the new refrain.

I light one to you tonight,
hoping for things well and bright.

Oh dear Mary Jane
tonight I burnt my mouth again.


Ruby Nangia

Ruby Nangia

Ruby Nangia is an actor and IT professional based out of Toronto, Canada.