On Visiting “La Chascona,”

Pablo Neruda’s House in Santiago, Chile
25 April 2013


chascona: n. Chilean Spanish. wild mane of hair.


I will hide my house next to the zoo,
and build it with two streams running through it.
I will sneak a mosaic under one stream,
a doorway through a cabinet,
and a cupboard in a hollowed-out TV set.

In the fiesta of these oddities,
I will write!

At the end of my life,
they will smash the TV set,
flood my house with the streams,
and hang me in my own words.

Forty revolutions later,
a girl from New Jersey
will sit here,
after the tour,
pen whirling on the page,
ideas flowing from her
in a wild mane of hair.


A Libidinous Poetess Crosses the Andes

21 April 2013


Oh, Andes!
Oh, your climaxes. Oh, your chasms,
Oh, you range of divine orgasms.
Oh, endless chain of big rock candies.

Body of boulders, naked of trees,
Ah, your colors. Ah, your streams.
Ah, all your trickling beiges and creams,
your pinks and whites. My God, how you tease!

Backbone of stone:
let me lie with your

Mountainous groan:
give me more
of your pleasures.


An Autumn Evening at Viña del Mar

24 April 2013


Planted in sand
I watch the earth’s edge rise
at nine hundred miles per hour.


Ingrid Anders

Ingrid Anders

Ingrid Anders is a freelance writer currently residing in Northern Virginia, formerly residing in China, California, Taiwan, Germany, and New Jersey. She writes novels, short stories, poetry, and travel articles and hosts two monthly writing programs at the Washington DC Public Library. Her most recent works have appeared in “Brilliant Flash Fiction” and “Faculty Abroad.”