had their territorial haunts
from bus stations to courtyards
traipsing sultry underground
an international hospitality credo
between vicarious economic
and intellectual currents

in phrases of ritmo etiquette
they knew how to mimic
the language of travel
swish and sway among
fresas and marijuanos

toast the perfect tequila or mescal
differentiate among the seven moles
handshakes and hugs all around
hormonal tour guides lurking
heartless rogues of bisexual charisma


Michael Berton

Michael Berton

Michael Berton is an educator, world traveler, percussionist and tequila aficionado.
He has had poems published in a variety of publications including Fireweed, Gargoyle, Blaze Vox, Indefinite Space, Axolotl, Hobo Camp Review, Volt, Yellow Medicine Review, And/Or, Do Hookers Kiss?, Fourteen Hills, 2016 Texas Poetry Calendar and Otoliths .
His recent poetry collection, No Shade in Aztlán (New Mitote Press) came out in 2015