The Tea Plucker’s Daughter


Tea Plucker's Daughter


I’m watching your hand settle
at my hipbone. Quietly it frisks
a colonial smirk once found at golf clubs
and the earth under your nails
smells a pulled out beetroot.

In the mountains, I’m tendered. Leaf after
leaf I stir in the sugar, ginger, milk from breasts
swinging like children in trees
caught with silhouettes groaning
under the slap of sun, fill
a thick-white cloud hatched behind me.

Strain the unwanted, you say
while the night howls in your flimsy den
and moths settle in stars
stepped free from all the mist.


Rushda Rafeek

Rushda Rafeek

Rushda Rafeek is currently based in Sri Lanka. Her poems and fiction have been published in print and online publications including The Rumpus, Vayavya, Monkey Bicycle, Mandala Journal, ARTRA, The Missing Slate, Harpoon Review, among others.