Translated by Artur Komoter



When the wind scatters the hair,
and the red leaves become a carpet,
I know
it’s already knocking,
shining through
the dreams rocked by the wind.

And in me there is still
the afterglow of summer,
a seaside embrace of delight,
the flash of a lantern paving the way.

And today?
Today I saw
how the fog took the world,
but gave
a red-gold carpet
and a squirrel
who knows that
it is time to stock up.


Eliza Segiet

Eliza Segiet

Eliza Segiet is a Jagiellonian University graduate with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. She completed her postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Penal Fiscal and Economic Law, and Creative Writing at Jagiellonian University, as well as Film and Television Production in Łódź.