tangerine dreams and bubbles of blue…
silent echoes
of yesterday embrace her
as she walks alone
the cobblestone path
rainslick reflections
of if only’s
and what if’s
edge the lonely way
of yesterdays

the isolated street leads
to the steeple of time
to time stood still
time stopped in its tracks

but life goes on
around her
as she wanders
lost times today

tangerine dreams
lined with portals of orange
light the way
to other places

places just a step away
just a touch away
but unreachable
untouchable to her

and bubbles of blue
surround her
microcosms of other worlds
other places other times other

other this other that
always others
never her

never her chatter
never her laughter
her life
her love

never her and so her eyes climb
to the soft pastels of promise
playing overhead
but the path she has chosen
winds downward
into the darkness that has
become her life

yet still
she travels
this road
less traveled

this road
her road lined
with tangerine dreams
and bubbles of blue…


Jenean Gilstrap

Jenean Gilstrap

Jenean Gilstrap is the author of two books of poetry — Words Unspoken and Gypsy Woman Words. Her third volume of poetry — Willful Words — will be released later this year. She is the featured poet/artist at Yareah Magazine and Plum Tree Books and her work appears in numerous online journals. For two consecutive years, she has been invited to read at the Fermoy International Festival of Poetry in Ireland. Currently she divides her time between her Louisiana home and the east coast USA.