the window
red dots beneath

the roaring of the jet
shot across
the dark sphere

I crawled in my thin blanket
the aisle dimly lit up

by and bye

the waves of night
creamed on the rooftops

the screen
showing a tiny plane heading home

far away
from the place

seen in nightly visions
untouched in light

a reckless adorer
lost as ever
a few more sighs added

crumbled lights on the horizon
yellow orange amber
orange white
dot    dot           dot
half melting on the deep blue

by and bye

flickers seen before
intimacy lost in the coolness of
the square glass

bye and bye

I leant over
and gathered those flowers
glistening in the water

the clouds kissed
the thin line of gold
then a short announcement
Good morning, he said

and all was a mist
in a musical box


Misako Takahashi

Misako Takahashi

Misako Takahashi is a graduate student in English Literature at the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo. Her research topics include the imagery of nature in children’s literature and natural history. She is especially interested in stories in which wolves appear.