The Little Spanish Museum

It didn’t look like a special sofa
and we were tired from walking
there was no rope no guards
or anything so we sat down
then out of nowhere a furious nun

came out and scolded us
and as much as I understand
we were sitting on a
Holy Roman Emperor’s
favorite love seat

when she calmed down
she told us that she didn’t
really work for the museum
and that she had never
heard of New York


After the Fall

Night time on the small balcony
of a Moscow apartment
we could see the lights
of the Kremlin

it doesn’t look like
the capital of communism
it looks more like some place
they’d make chocolate

across a large boulevard
a glowing movie poster in English
we could just make it out
it read Kangaroo Jackpot


A Russian Witch

In Moscow
a Russian witch
told me over drinks
that I would not live
to be very old

I’m sorry to tell you
you will not live long life
and your wife will remarry
I pointed to my heart

no not heart attack she said
well I thank god for that
and more vodka
came to the table


Cities of the World

Often things are better there
the air the sky the girls the boys
look more exciting

the money seems like
candy wrappers
the wine is better
the food much better

in a few days I begin to wonder
what is really going on
back in New York


Sugar Tobey

Sugar Tobey

Sugar Tobey was born in Coney Island, Brooklyn in 1962. He graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York City. He currently lives with a cat in the Chelsea section of Manhattan over a pizza parlor.