I packed all my things
in two neat bags
The wools in the black
with shoes and tags

The red took my usual
cottons, bras, kits
A mohair scarf I bought
whiskey jams, and gifts

All sorted but one
the vinyl your pick
I move things around
it just does not fit

Our lives live in boxes
straight lines lest
Your songs amorphous
bleed behest

Bags come with me
binds unforgiving
I gather what’s left
carry it within


Ravneet Dhingra

Ravneet Dhingra

Ravneet Dhingra lives and works in Mumbai. Her career in Strategic Partnerships and Technology is a daily reminder of the magic that brews when words bed wed numbers. Poetry is her phantom love, the one she sleeps with on long transatlantic flights, when her sense of time and belonging is warped. Her poems have appeared in DWL Papercuts and Asia Writes.