Early fragments of rising son-continents sulphured in unmentioned cities,
Photo clicks of tourists, spirals crooned, Orient in the oriental
culture in the cultural.
Before turning in to fungus,
at the hunger
Sugar plants,
Universal movie screens, half visible wheels.

Window wings play Up and Down,
Fountain smells of an untrained voice broken at a high note.
Coriander polythene green feet.
New currency coins,
Registering the faces of fruits, flowers, strange eyes,
A notebook assigned for dates.




Jyothsnaphanija is a PhD research scholar in English literature at EFL University, Hyderabad, India. Her poetry has appeared in IthacaLit, Melusine, The Nervous Breakdown, Muddy River Poetry Review, Northeast Review, Coldnoon, American Diversity Report, Counterpunch and others.