For every one of us pining for love this Christmas, there is a violinist outside some cafe in Montmarte, making our sighs the chronotopes of his lilting acoustics.


In Love, at Montmartre

It rained at Montmartre that afternoon
last November
It rained as we stood under an umbrella
too close to not kiss
We had the privacy of the Parisien commonplace
None looked
none did mind
But it warmed us
warmed us more as we sipped hot wine
sold from jars at roadside coffee shops
raindrops on our heads
smiles in our eyes

It did not rain this year
on an October afternoon
I stood there alone
Sacred Heart cathedral a witness
to the floods rushing within my heart
reliving a past afternoon
taking bites of crepes
and sipping coffee

Madhumita Ghosh

Madhumita Ghosh

Madhumita Ghosh is Professor of English, poet and editor. Her short stories have been published online and in The Statesman, Calcutta edition. Apart from editing anthologies of poetry, she has authored three books of poetry — For All You Lovely People, Pebbles on the Shore and Flowing with the River — and a critical study: William Blake: a Prophet for Mankind. Her fourth book of poetry, My Poetry My Voice, is forthcoming.