Woman, Difficult Night

If life was a tree, you’d be a branch, cut off
as an aesthetic choice: the gardener thinks
you won’t let it grow, close to the sun.

You’re lucky that’s not the case, though unlucky
to be in his clothes. So as long as it lasts,
I assume it will be short. I know.

You know I get what I want fast,
even quicker than you sold the pass.
I believed a man could never pry us apart,
a pardonable mistake, mine, and for all its worth,
take these words:

Now it’s clear you’re a bitch with a hollow heart,
how many of my tears did your bullshit take?

Why don’t we find out?
When he’s done with you,
it’s your tears we’ll count.


Untitled Mirror

A new morning, a new day
The Earth has rotated
all you’ve done is, decay.

Being human by far
is the best kind of life.
Or so they say,
I am still in dismay.

What am I about to convey?
What is this truth, what
is this they say?

Look at yourself, look!
Look! Look! Look!
You fool!

Look before the sky falls down
Look before you drown
in your own hometown
of lies and deceit,
of truths, all missed.

What, indeed, is this
existing with zero
introspection, you live
and die for. Everyday
with no connection!

You’re somebody to me
Someone else to them
and then another creature to yourself!

Laugh today, laugh little heart.
This by far, is humanity by half!


Ruby Nangia

Ruby Nangia

Ruby Nangia is an actor and IT professional based out of Toronto, Canada.