Coffee. Beer. Tacos. Joy

Austin night life, Bat City.
Cowboys two step Wednesday
workday blues away at White Horse.
Down the street, a band tunes
on a patio, “CHECK, one,
two, CHECK, one, two…”

An old kiss doodles on a bar napkin,
sips tequila.
Cool breeze off the Colorado
tussles her hair.
She tucks it behind her ear,
rests a hand on her chin,
looks into that big Texas twilight
and offers the shine in her eyes
to the sky’s tired stars.

Later, in a La Quinta,
I turn on the local news:
Senior center’s charter bus
is hit by a train. Survivors are released
from one hospital back into another.
Politician begs fourteen counts
of corruption down to ten.
Weatherman mentions
distant winter storms.
New York is covered in snow.


Midday in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

staring out terminal windows.
People pass behind me,
dark reflections,
busy ghosts over runways—
so many lives I’ll never know.


Donald Welch

Donald Welch

Donnie Welch teaches creative writing at the Rebecca School for Autism. His travel poetry has appeared in Blacktop Passages, Gravel, South85 Journal, and The Emerson Review. He has a micro-chapbook The Post Atomic Sonnets (Origami Poems Project 2016) and a collection of children’s poetry Who Gave These Flamingos Those Tuxedos (Emerson College Wilde Press 2013).