Last week of September. Evening after sudden rain.
The windy landscape. The shifting sand.

A road starts from an ancient city, from the ruins of stones
where the cemented grains carry legions of history — now unmoving and silent.

A road crosses another city.

In the journey, glasses glide along the stretch of horizon.
Looking at the magenta layer — the indefinite —
they are the countless locked doors away from us, from our history.

Moment after moment after moment — peacocks on the trees,
blackbucks that moved in the bushes, cold fireflies on the mountain walls,
a small carriage drifting on a road of Thar desert — in the vast darkness,

In the soft moonshine, vaults open.
The woman carrying yellow bag remembers her child,
the girl dreams of white porcelains in a house of some strange city,

Fluttering shadows of men stand on the dunes holding moderate stones
whose engravings can be clearly seen by touch — one syllable for each traveller.


Amrendra Pandey

Amrendra Pandey is a Post Doctoral Fellow in Raman Research Institute. He received his PhD in molecular physics in 2015 from Physical Research Laboratory, India. He grew up in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, and currently lives in Bengaluru, India. His work has been appeared in Po’try Anthology 2016, and The Bangalore Review.