The slope runs the cobbles out of sight,
but sight runs on, stumbles on the sky,
where a soaring thing intrudes—a spear,
a pendulum arrested in the tension

of mid-swing, retained within the purview
of the earth solely by an abortive bower
of cranes, steel orchard that scrabbles
at the curving and fungal sides

of the unceasing parabola it describes
from atop the stump of an apartment block,
with interchangeable panels of sky
and concrete to decently clothe the stones

onto which the fruit must inevitably plop,
gracefully delaying the clever bile of the mind
from digesting the grave Newtonian finality
with which the planet lashes the dome down.


Isaac Wheeler

Isaac Wheeler

Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler is a poet and translator from New England best known for his English renderings of prose by contemporary Ukrainian author Serhiy Zhadan. Voroshilovgrad was published by Deep Vellum in 2016 and Mesopotamia is forthcoming from Yale University Press this year; both books were collaborations with co-translator Reilly Costigan-Humes. His other publications include translations in the The Missing Slate, Two Lines, and State, Religion and Church. He lives in Bennington, Vermont.