Along Malaysia’s white sand lies a cerulean ocean,
blue until the water touches the blue sky.

Endless blue: water speared by luminous scales of fish blue;
shoreline women stating fashion, blue silk against brown skin;

and the wiry blue line on the fishing reel: long-sleeve, thin
white shirt, rod held swaying over water on a cobalt night.

Along beaches, at restaurants, folks hawk blue,
so even the paper lanterns glowing yellow seem sapphire.

Night and day stumble blue, snagged between purple and green,
and the sun moon tides roll between cerulean and steel-grey blue,

their waves flecked with white foam,
and even that white tinged ultramarine.


David Murphy

David Murphy

David Murphy lives in Olympia, Washington, and he works as a Bilingual Education Program Supervisor for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, which is the state education department. He works with the English Language Learners’ program. He has previously worked in Afghanistan as a World Bank contractor, in Saudi Arabia for King Saud University, and in Mexico as an English Language Fellow. His work has been published in Fourth River and Touchstone.