Together, in Motion

Tired feet scuttling to the gates
Eyes frantically, checking…rechecking the time

Walking through the doors
Sitting down finally
Heaving a collective sigh.
Slippers off
Cooling weary feet for a moment’s ease
Another long day comes to an end.

All eyes drowsy and red
Staring vacant somewhere far ahead
We are many..too many, but one
Similar stories of trials and triumph.

Breathing life into the momentary stillness
The train sways gently in motion
Like the arms of a mother
Lulling her children into peaceful slumber.

The inky dark of the city
Broken by the glowing orbs in the night
Almost like a balm soothing the scalding of the soul
Preparing for the next fight.



Dark clouds gather quietly
Huddling together at a distance o’er the sea
As if to combine all their might
To assail the shining fortress.

With the call of the thunder’s deep throated bugle
The wind carries them on her back
Racing, tight, blanketing the city’s borders,
Hiding any remnants of sunlight.
Her high towers look afar, bold
As plastic paints the city blue
Blue, bluer than the sea that rises
Inch by inch
Spilling its insides every hour.

Towers tall, shining bright
Assailed by waters through the night
Soldiers tired
Drowning in floods
Taking on their wrath on the tower dwellers’ behalf
At the end of hope
For it to end with waters receding
And the trains chugging back to life.

Then one day
The clouds went by
The fortress washed clean up high
While the grounds sank further below
Soldiers stranded unarmed,
Eyes burning red with exhaustion and hope
That come another war to Mumbai
They won’t see the blue of the plastic again.


Shivranjana Rathore

Shivranjana Rathore

Shivranjana is a writer, poet and illustrator who is currently based in Goa, her work has appeared in ‘Youth Ki Awaaz’, Planet-Goa and 101 India. She is currently working on her first book. As an illustrator, she has been exploring working with ink and has also exhibited 8 of her works from her first ever ink series in December 2016.

She read Development as her Masters concentration focusing on human rights, gender equality and body politics among sexual minorities. Her key areas of thought have, over time, also branched to environment conservation and she continues to draw a lot of her painting subjects from it. She has also worked in the Microfinance sector, and aspires to bring together all her passions to use them to work towards change in the society, particularly in the line of gender equality and environment protection.