i don’t remember most- remind me of what preceded us stealing bittercresses together,

the pebbled river tapestry-ed against my books-what books? 

remind me of the skyclad skirts and lemon candies we shared many a winter afternoons-where did i 

buy them from?

the less i remember, the more i miss-almost as if you can’t miss what you remember clearly.

je sais que je l’ai câlissée là.


write more, write often.









here’s most of what you need to know-

(more later):

nostalgie de la boue cartwheel around our

unlit nebularoof

the wayward applepie wharf rocks lonely


we painted the beige nursery together with wrapped egg-beads

only to lie


                     aching for the worn-out skateboard,


can you come, take with you the brokenlegged rocking horse?

                                        -it winks one left eye,

                                       still scares me as shit-

no, as baba’s ink-squirting octopus that he closed

within fat pages with a thudresounding,


the yo yo handed lupitadoll, first gift when a month old,

is thrown on the pile of baba’s old cassettes-


will not be put-together again.




Srishti Dutta Chowdhury

Srishti Dutta Chowdhury

Srishti Dutta Chowdhury is a Charles Wallace Scholar for Creative Writing in the University of Edinburgh (2016) and student of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University. She is a poet, photographer and avid translator.