On the path outside the faculty
a tree is in delicate white bloom.
A pair of women walk underneath it.
One gestures to the flowers
the other holds her hand as they cross the street.

I would like to reach up and touch the tree
feel what has changed between now and winter.
Perhaps there is a new lightness about it
perhaps I want to believe there is.

A breeze pulls the flowers free
and sends them soaring downwards.
I put out a hand to catch them.
Before they reach the ground
they have fallen apart


Avani Tandon Vieira

Avani Tandon Vieira

Avani Tandon Vieira is a curator and academic who works in New Delhi. She has a Master’s degree in World Literatures from Oxford University and a Bachelor’s degree from St. Stephen’s College. Her work deals with Indian zine culture and protest writing.