Café culture is alive and well in the Cape Town. With virtually every Mother City nook and cranny being home to an adorable or quirky coffee shop it shouldn’t shock you that we consider ourselves experts. There are plenty of coffee spots in Cape Town that all present something original and we found it challenging to narrow them down, but ultimately, we selected our top 7:


7. Folk Coffee Anthropology

This Bree Street gem provides coffee enthusiasts, foodies and everyone in between a unique experience. With its trendy yet cosy ambience, guests are instantly relaxed with a great cuppa on the couch, in the book corner, or at a table by the cafes large windows. It does not matter if it is for a quick cup on-the-run, a coffee date or even a few coffee cocktails before going out, Folk Coffee Anthropology welcomes anyone and everyone and aspires to make your cup exactly the way you enjoy it.


6. Deluxe Coffeeworks

Deluxe Coffeeworks is a fabulous coffee roastery with a rock ‘n roll atmosphere. Alternative folks are drawn to this coffee shop where it would seem the precondition for securing a job is to have colourful Mohawks, piercings and tattoos. Located in Gardens, this vibrant and modern coffee shop, offers fascinating people, amazing coffee and great music. Promising to provide you with coffee just the way like it, this funky coffee shop serves the best Brazilian, Ethiopian and Guatemalan hand picked coffee blended and roasted in-house every day. Few things taste as great as a cuppa java made with warmth, undivided attention and plenty of passion.


5. Bean There

Bean There is an expertly named coffee shop that prefers Africa’s best single origin coffee and enables you to get to know Africa through its coffee. Besides the fact that they source their beans ethically, Bean There also pride themselves in visiting farms and communities to hand pick their single origin coffee beans. Additionally, they take care to roast their beans on site in small amounts. They are one of the few coffee houses in South Africa to do this, permitting coffee addicts to get an exceptional roast that is nothing short of flawless. Together with their amazing cuppas, the great combination of African influenced trinkets and art creates the ideal atmosphere for creatives.


4. Espresso Lab Microroasters

Known as THE coffee shop in Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill, Espresso Lab serves its customer’s innovative and fascinating flavours and coffee roasting principles from around the world.

Espresso Lab will provide you and your taste buds with a once in a lifetime experience since they are using the Nordic roasting guidelines which allow for a gentler palate weight. They also experiment with techniques that lead to Americano’s being served in glass cups. With coffee growing regions across the world, from Costa Rica to Ethiopia, they feel that no two palates are identical and therefore attempt to display ‘transparent, clean and sophisticated’ coffees.


3. Haas

Haas is an unusual coffee shop in the Mother City, located right next to the Haas Design Collective. This boutique of hand crafted accessories and artwork, ensures the likelihood of you leaving empty handed rather slim. Haas Collective sources some of the greatest coffee blends from countries like Brazil and Indonesia. The thing that makes Haas so distinctive, aside from the art and collectables, is that they serve the world’s priciest coffee, Kopi Luwak.


2. The House of Machines

The House of Machine is a neighbourhood coffee shop serving their trademark Evil Twin blend of shade grown Honduran Arabica throughout the day and switching the space into a cocktail bar after dark. The service is superb and helpful even at peak times. The House of Machines doubles up as a motorcycle workshop along with men’s clothing shop creating a blend of exposed bricks, wooden beams and sporting a bike theme.


1. Truth Coffee

Truth makes a powerful statement regarding superior coffee prepared with love. It is clear why the Guardian has named Truth ‘The World’s Coolest Café’.  The décor is steampunk and constructed around a 1940’s cast iron coffee roaster which continues to be used by Truth to roast their superior blends. This café takes roasting coffee very seriously. With coffee choices like Vengeance, Donde’s Chaos, Resurrection, and Antithesis, this is the spot to escape to and focus on your life one sip at a time.

Picking out the best coffee shops in Cape Town is a tall order, and you probably have your local café that you view as being beyond comparison.

The choices you see above have been evaluated on, first and foremost, coffee quality, as well as innovation, style and ambience.


Adele Kruger

Adele Kruger

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