Poem Morning

Today, I am a poem.
Yesterday was parched and dry,
hot season. The garden
shrinks into survival mode.

This morning, the world remade,
outside drip-drop rain,
moonlight tree spreads happy hands,
ivory lemon chalice
to catch new season gift.
Coleus crowds the fence, faces
red and green ruffled upwards
capturing water.

We stand together, leaves
raised for heaven’s shower,
manna pooling in our palms.


Autumn in the ‘Hood

Across the way at Amara’s house,
red and gold mimosa blossoms
argue that Fall has come to Chang Moi,
if I squint a little and practice a shiver.
Her husband Kham complains
she is playing cards—
oh, that old lady,
betting his money!

Gung claims it is hang hang,
double luck because she has
special lottery tickets for me—
the numbers of our ages—
and bananas as the yellow as
as a September school bus.

Buff and butter leaves crinkle,
crunch underfoot like New England childhood,
going along the terra-cotta broken wall and moat,
one thousand years guarding this town.

Monk voices chant in the temple,
a masculine thunder rumble of storm.
Ochre robe rows hang on clotheslines,
fluttering leaves of renunciation.

Pumpkin and cinnamon soup,
saffron rice,
gold balls of marigold heads,
all the colors and scents
of autumn, tropical style,
so pull up the sheet at night,
remembering October chrysanthemums.


Rice Summer

slow water stillness
mud mucky bottom
Lanna, rice kingdom
summer sun seedlings
clover green paddies
beta fish blue flash
egret and heron
sly snails slink along
snipe snack on young grains
wood noisemakers clack
bird boys shout and chase
sunlit days, night rains
it takes a village
spirits of the land
sensuous emerald
rice summer rises


This work was first published as part of the Sage ~ December 2017 Issue, of the Coldnoon journal.



Victoria Crawford

Victoria Crawford

Victoria Crawford is a retired information specialist, teacher, and writer from California although she has lived in several Asian countries over the years. Her poems have been published in Peacock Journal, Eastlit, Wildflowers Muse, Ekphrastic Review, Califragile, and other journals.