I. London


Phone Boxes

Photograph by Steve Bailey


A Pillar in Covent Garden

Poorna Swami


London Relived: The Precise Affections of a Sometimes-lover

Bhaswati Ghosh



II. Lahore


Wazir Khan Masjid Mosque Shahi Royal Hammaam Bathhouse Lahore Pakistan Oct 2015  056

Photograph by Wasif Malik


The Lights of Lahore: A Cartography of Loss

Farha Noor


Lahore, You will be Much in my Memory

Vidha Saumya


The Exile Chronicles: A Tale from Lahore

Osama Siddique



III. Cairo


Canopic jars from tomb of Tutankhamun, Cairo Museum

Photograph by Charlie Phillips


Cairo, Fifty Years Ago

Caroline Williams



IV. Calcutta


Oh, Calcutta!

Photograph by Varun Singh


A Metropolis of Hunger: Calcutta’s Poetry of the Famine (1943)

Debjani Sengupta


Memories in the Crevices of College Street, Calcutta

Arunima Ghoshal


Colonial Public Dining and the Emergence of Park Street Restaurants in Calcutta

Aditi Das


Travels in Time: Kolkata through Postcards

Sujaan Mukherjee




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