The Globetrotter’s Glossary: Word of the Day is Pygmalionic


Pygmalionic (adj.)

Variables: None.

Roots: Pygmalion & Ionic (Click on the links to find the meanings of the root words on Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Definition: A kind of romantic adventure (usually heterosexual) in which the male partner takes the lead of molding the female into a seat of beauty, femininity, intellect or power, which she is loathe to later repudiate.

Example: If one reads closely, the Pygmalionic instinct in G.B. Shaw’s characters seems to be grounded more in his women than men–the men are obviously flawed in believing that they can breathe sophistry in their female subjects, but the latter amicably and astutely choose to turn this to self-fashioning themselves into what later comes to be known as “New Woman.”


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Coldnoon Bureau

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