The Globetrotter’s Glossary: Word of the Day is Penetratelier


Penetratelier (n.)

Variables: None.

Roots: Penetralia & Atelier. (Click on the links to find the meanings of the root words on Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Definition: A secret or hidden place in the innermost recesses of a city, neighborhood, or building, become the workshop, art space or pop up art gallery of an artist, restaurateur, curator or the like.

Example: One of the finest instances of a metropolitan penetratelier is the crypt underneath the St. Pancras Church in London, which is now used as a space for exhibiting art and cultural events. However, between 1822 and 1854, the place was a burial ground for deceased Londoners, whose spirits might often accompany you while your sample modern day London’s subcultures.


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Coldnoon Bureau

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