The Globetrotter’s Glossary: Word of the Day is Macabrewery


Macabrewery (N.)

Variables: Macabrewer; Macabrew.

Roots: Macabre & Brewery (Click on the links to find the meanings of the root words on Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Definition: A place for brewing macabre elements.

Example (s) 

  • Long after his audiences have forgotten to love, Shakespeare will be remembered by them for turning the Globe Theatre into the great Jacobean macabrewery, “where violent sorrow seems, [a] modern ecstasy.”
  • Competing for the macabre brought George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden quite close to becoming potential allies in a race to end human goodness. They have indeed been two of the most talked about macabrewers of the new millennium.


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