The Globetrotter’s Glossary: Word of the Day is Currigatawny


Currigatawny (N.)

Variables: None

Roots: Curry & Mulligatawny (Click on the links to find the meanings of the root words on Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Definition: A classification of the mongrel cuisine born as a hybrid of the dishes of the the Indian subcontinent under British imperialism.

Example: “The vast number of very generic dishes,” went on Professor Heathcote before a drowsy class of students, “that the British embraced as their own as a byproduct of their colonial rule over India, such as the vindaloo, curries, mulligatawny, roasts, kedgerees and railway fast foods, may thus be said to belong to the currigatawny brand of cuisine.”


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Coldnoon Bureau

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