Prague Impressions

I ascend to the surface at Florenc, leaving the escalators behind me. To the left of me is the neo-classical building of the city museum, somewhat obscured in the night by the trees between it and the station.

Patriots Day

Several hundred yards away the Minutemen are taking up positions on the hill across the Concord River, where citizen soldiers of Concord and nearby Acton rallied to face the British.

My Provinceland: Ceded Back to Nature

As we’re packing up to leave, we talk to John about the dead seal. He confirms that someone has been shooting the seals this summer because they gawp up bait and compete for the catch of the commercial fishermen.

Catch of the Day

Alhambra would be her first priority tomorrow, with the Alcabaza fort a close second. Picasso would have to be fitted in on Sunday afternoon. What would she say to her shrink?

Homeless Days

Three hours later, I decided to get some sleep. I went up into a pocket of concrete, where there were about sixty pigeons. Some other men were already sleeping there.

Monument of Wasted Labour

With the return of Mughal rule, the magnificent Rohtas was reduced from the status of a frontier garrison to a stopover point in the heart of settled country.

Breakfast Curry in Bangkok

Later that day, I had a fantastic Duck Thai red curry with basil and pineapple for lunch that hit the spot and made it official: I’d become a Thai Red Curry addict.

The Paths Where Elephants Walk

After a four hour car drive south-west of Luang Prabang, a boat took me further away from civilization, and as I disembarked from the boat, I felt like I was entering a world within the world, surrounded all by water and jungle, the place where elephants live, rest and play.

Encountering Sulemaniye Mosque

You see the white stone walls surrounding the backyard of the mosque. Trees behind the walls treat their pleasant shadow on the street while they hide Suleymaniye like a big surprise.

Myanmar Monkey Daze

Someone who has been for so long associated with the fight for freedom and equality in Myanmar, it is well past time for Aung San Suu Kyi to agitate for the rights of the Rohingya.

A Cartography of Lost Homes

Nowadays, each annual ritual of homecoming has tended to be accompanied by an unwilling shaking of hands with experiences of loss of different characters and intensities.