Paris Unvanquished | Charlie Hebdo

  You can destroy a city of cement-n-bricks But you can never its ruling spirit; A city like Paris can never be vanquished By the guns and mortar, for it has got A Rabelais and Moliere and Sartre in its...

In Venice

On the cold steps of the Venezia Santa Lucia Station, like a vagabond in Tee and faded blue jeans, buffeted by a light wind; A tincture of salted water, kissing a worn-out face, travel-weary, sits the Indian...
Roman Diary II_Rome Transport

Roman Diary II

  Midnight, June 5   II The street opposite is closing down. There is a hotel run by a Sri Lankan. They offer us some advice and free smiles, We leave, carrying our bags that rattle on...
Rome St Peter's Basilica_Roman Diary

The Roman Diary I

The suited stranger says Sorry! We say a common thank you, mister! He smiles and says: Do not worry! We are one family! There is only kindness in his eyes, no trace of apartheid.