Borders Away

Despite all our farewells, we kept coming back like refugees, Shahid, in waves, seeking communes of elliptical love, and maybe now, if I see the Jhelum -- I know not if rivers in your country tremble at blue skies -- I’ll understand You don’t, The elliptical love of refugees Coming back to love.

The Sea Comes at 3.48

  The Sea Comes at 3:48 #1 Sitting by the empty sea beach of Orissa -- so empty you can't even see the sea -- I open up my wounds to a stranger. Like a rebel in a war, he has a handkerchief tied around...
Dear Lenin_CPI Naxalbari, Sahana Mukherjee, Bengal

Dear Lenin

My dear Lenin, has Asansol been on your mind? Kolkata tests your will, doesn't it? So, every weekend, you take the train and visit your missed land. Are all our native lands infidel, Lenin? It's...
Night Away from Batanagar_Sandakphu, Darjeeling

Night Away from Batanagar

  You were somewhere in Kolkata. Batanagar, in all probability. To think that I was trekking through the national park, scared of being chased by a bear, when you were probably writing to your dead...