Hammer Drill_Paris Metropolitan

Hammer Drill

  This morning a man was sleeping behind the wheel of his car parked in front of a hotel of Boulevard Suchet. During the whole night he had been waiting for his lady Melisande of 16th district, having...
Further Reductions_Coffe House, Rebecca Behar, French Poetry

Further Reductions | Deuxieme Demarque

Where are the bodies to dress, broken trap doors, hearings on ears hanging down the muse on the phone, in quadrilles virtual of undone rituals, where are the low cost patterns lost in luxury cafés, adornments for fools, silk garish cloth, glistening eyelids of lost stars crawling around bar corners, where the smoke kills, and ladies fate thrills ?
Paris Musician_Customized Paris

Customized Paris I

Mere decadence, that’s how they would call it In Opium dens, or at Maxim’s The ladies left a branch of the cherry tree Which used to grow at Trocadero Square