Reading About Reading, United Kingdom

Writing About Reading

Even today, Reading remains a magical town where children walk to school and never need to be packed into awful tin box vans and cycle-rickshaws.
Burmeen Pakoras

Burmeen Pakoras

What do vegetarians do when they visit places where people draw a great deal of their sustenance from the sea? This is not really much of a dilemma when there is an abundance of vegetables and fruit, even...
Hirebenkal and History_Hospet Hirebenkal

Hirebenkal and History

Hirebenkal is thirty odd kilometers from Hospet, and is spectacular, since it suddenly springs into view almost unexpectedly: India's Valley of the Dead, so called, because of the enormous quantities of...
Island Worship_Ross Island, India

Island Worship

At Ross Island, we wandered past derelict and abandoned rooms and buildings, whose brickwork was superimposed by large tree roots and stems that had now taken over.