Bunkulung Dreams

With the blend of millet wine Sipping; resting Among the blooming and towering trees Snuggled under the blanket of unkempt foliage Leaning against the arms of Murmah Khola and Balason
Handover Journey of a Kirati Soul

Handover-journey of a Kirati Soul

  When asked if travelling can free one from the circle of life and death the Buddha answered it was impossible to forego the two even if one were to travel at the velocity of light. The most supreme...
The Haunted Path_Ruin

The Haunted Path

  …the beat of a horse's feet, And the swish of a skirt in the dew, Steadily cantering through The misty solitudes, As though they perfectly knew The old lost road through the woods. —“The Way...
From the Land of the Arnas_Gorumara Kaziranga Assam

From the Land of the Arnas

At the foothills of the youngfold eastern Himalayas Mystic, old, recoiling Covers of woods, sparse Movements of life— The santhals, mundas, oraons, nepali A history of the lost Koch kingdom—