Gecko In the Night

It wasn’t until I got back to New York that I found out many Chinese had moved to that area in the 1940’s to flee the repression of the Kuomintang.

Juan Andres’ Collectivo

The bus to Dzibichaltun, the Mayan site fifteen kilometers north of Merida that literally translates as “the place with writing on flat stones,” leaves from the second class station on Calle 69.
Shoe Shine Boy Oaxaca

The Shoe Shine Boy of Oaxaca

I was eating at an outdoor table on the zocolo when the kid approached me and stopped at my table, his words spewing forth, all business. “Mister, you want your shoes shined. Three pesos, mister, I shine your shoes. Okay?” It didn’t matter that I didn’t answer him right away. The kid with the San Francisco Giants cap that was too big on his head squatted and set up his kit. A rag draped over two fingers was ready to dip into the tin of brown polish.