Between Motala and Vadstene, close by the high road, stands a grass-turf house--one of the most picturesque. It has but one window, broader than it is high, and a wild rose branch forms the curtain outside.

Beggar Boys

The painter Callot--who does not know the name, at least from Hoffmann's "in Callot's manner?"--has given a few excellent pictures of Italian beggars. One of these is a fellow, on whom the one rag lashes the other

The Prison Cells

By separation from other men, by solitary confinement, in continual silence, the criminal is to be punished and amended; therefore were prison-cells contrived. In Sweden there were several, and new ones have been built. I visited one for the first time in Mariestad.


Kinnakulla, Sweden's hanging gardens! Thee will we visit. We stand by the lowest terrace in a plenitude of flowers and verdure; the ancient village church leans its grey pointed wooden tower

The Bird Phoenix

The bird hovers around us, rapid as the light, beautiful in colour, glorious in song. When the mother sits by the child's cradle, it is by the pillow, and with its wings flutters a glory around the child's head.