Bombay Skins and Chronicles

The sea in Bombay smells of fish. "Even now," you might wonder, "even now when they are building those 100-storey World Towers? I thought they were a thing of a past when India used to be an exotic land."
Selfridges Consumerism Tourism

Selfridges and Consumerism

“We are all merchants,” said Selfridge, “and all races of men have been merchants in some form or the other.” Merchant was he who was a writer, doctor, statesman, lawyer or an artist, said Selfridge. While bourgeois mercantilism found an illustrious redefinition in the store Selfridges, what also became furthermore legitimate was—to put it rather bluntly—the vulgar and consummative gaze of the travelling buyer, or the soon-to-evolve window-shopper.
4th phase of the J&K Assembly Elections

That Woman from Azad Kashmir

Lest I be censured for misleading the reader, she was not from that Azad Kashmir--which is better known as Pakistan administered Kashmir. She was perhaps only going that way. She was however, from Srinagar--one that wanted azadi.
Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak

A January for Zhivago

  “Take Ink and Weep”   Seizing the wind, waving the wood Drives us out, Down the stairs for firewood— All about. Snow, knee deep comes drifting in — With the cry: “it’s been...

Allen’s Dalliances: New York, London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome

There can be no doubt; he is a womanizer...of cities. When his New York affair began, in Allen's own words (as Alvy) he was the: "I think I'm gonna be the balding virile type, you know, as opposed to say the, uh, distinguished gray." And, by god, we loved him for that. Or, perhaps we all mistook his landscapes for him. Termed as Muses and Cliches -- and in an endless litany of articulate and inarticulate audience-responses -- Woody Allen's cities keep inspiring, mesmerising, irritating, eluding and deluding just as the characters inhabiting them.


If one wants to spend time amid nature, then the beauty surrounding the Panchakot hills in the north-east of Purulia, situated between the borderland of the Burdwan district and Jharkhand is hard to miss. One...