Beer Prague

The Beer and other Clichés

Illuminated faces by a golden or amber liquid, spume hung to the lips. Tongue clearing the whole thing. Behind the counter, this is an endless and sped-up video of the day, in a paradoxical slow-motion: steins get filled, two different taps, one for the foam, the other one for the golden brown liquid.

The Train of 6.52…The luminous white numbers keep blinking. A long, drawn out skull-seizing squeal, foretold by the blinking 6.52, makes a 40ish years old woman suddenly drop her glossy paper to press her fingers on temples: Ostrava-Stodolní, train station.
The Very Bearable Lightness of Being, Agnes Andre, Czech Republic, East Europe, Clock

The Very Bearable Lightness of Being

Ostrava and its region is a former industrial center, but you know, the city and its inhabitants are really willing to get back on their feet, they are very active in investing dynamism into the rehabilitation the region.

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