Coldnoon Cities

London – Lahore – Cairo – Calcutta (Call for Submissions)


We have all travelled in strangely unique ways, even unbeknownst to us. Not only have we perambulated when we could have availed of transportation–or done just the reverse–, we have mostly travelled vicariously. Our memories are the artifacts that make up others’ cities. And, our own travels are guided by uncertain strains from childhood’s assimilation of literary imaginations, television documentaries, radio voices, anecdotes of relatives, the romance of the handwritten letter, an old telephone booth, vintage automobiles, the traffic of life and labor through the city streets, hoardings, languages, fonts, colors, tapestries, arcades, personages and vagabonds, faces…all of which affect us with gentle malaise.

Coldnoon invites you to one of the most quintessential journeys, a whole new segment called the Coldnoon Cities. As part of our journal, we would hence be publishing writings which talk about experiences, histories, literatures, people, stories and odds and ends of metropolitan cities. Each quartet of cities will run for about six months, and selected writings from the online journal will be republished in print. The first of these quartets — chosen over geographically, politically and culturally diverse locations — is London/Lahore/Cairo/Calcutta. The works need to be restricted to the exact metropolitan area of the cities, but can circumvent them up to a radius of 100 km (For instance, in a work belonging to representations of London might choose to focus on Oxford, which is about 100 kms. from London).

The online journal will be published every month, July through December, (ISSN 2278-9650), and each print issue of the Coldnoon Cities will be published biyearly (ISSN 2278-9642). The deadline for the fifth round of submissions is September 30, 2016. (There will be more deadlines in future on the same quartet of cities. If you are not able to submit within the above deadline, look out for future rounds of submissions). All works submitted should not have been published or posted anywhere online, and you should be the sole claimant(s) of the work. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please notify us immediately of the acceptance of your work elsewhere. 

This call is for the submissions in research papers, non-academic prose, nonfiction, travelogues, poetry, opinion pieces, film reviews, book reviews, feature articles and photo essays. Works of fiction are also welcome, however, only those pieces will be considered which have a strong affinity or relevance to studies of space, topography, geography or urban landscapes of any of the aforementioned cities.

  • Nonfiction/Prose/Fiction/Travelogue/Opinion Piece/Research Paper/Feature/Film or Book Review: 1000-3500 words.
  • Poetry-1-5 poems.
  • Photo essays: A Maximum of eight photographs, of high resolution, with supporting text (poetry or prose of at least 30 words per photograph).
  • Artworks are more than welcome (we are looking for them especially, please confer with us if you have any).

We are looking for works that deal with — but need not be confined to — one or more of the following areas:

  1. Life in the city.
  2. Urban nostalgia.
  3. City descriptions.
  4. Culinary cultures.
  5. Urban histories and local legends.
  6. Portraits or character sketches of city dwellers.
  7. Architecture.
  8. Travelling/walking in the city.
  9. Modes of transportation in daily life, and as represented in various media, across the ages.
  10. Historical representations of the cities.
  11. Cinematic, television or photographic representations.
  12. Iconic places in the city.
  13. Travelling between cities or shared histories, within the quartet.
  14. Illustrious personages in the city and their experiences, diaries, journals, or accounts.
  15. City roads named after people.
  16. Realities and fictions (how cities influence fictional representations).
  17. Artifacts from the city.
  18. Migrants to the city and the diaspora.
  19. The city bazaars.
  20. Seasonal/ political/ historical/ cultural/ demographic transitions in the city — how the face of the city has changed over the ages, or is still changing.

The first run of Coldnoon Cities will publish from July through December, 2016, following a print collective in 2017. Send your submissions to Include a short professional bio note, and a photograph. These are rolling submissions. Please express your queries without any hesitation. If you have an idea or an abstract, instead of a full length article, string of poems, or the like, feel free to contact us with the same, to know if it fits our publishing lists.

You are encouraged to share this announcement with your friends and colleagues.



R E V I E W  &  F E E D B A C K

We usually respond within 2 weeks of your submissions. If we do not you can presume that we would not be able to publish your work. We believe in utmost transparency in our publishing policies. You can always call us for a feedback, or a pitch regarding your work at 91-8130224674.