Travelling is like reading a book, and those who have not travelled have yet to read the preface even.

Travel is utterly detrimental to all forms of bigotry, prejudice and backwardness; such people should avoid it.

We are now in an age where we have not been everywhere, but the everywhere is surely on our list.

The only thing which when bought makes us richer is the art of travel. Not all can afford to buy it.

It is foolish to travel to where the paths lead us already; rather we must create our own paths, once we are lost.

The real intent behind travel is not to discover new lands, but to lose oneself and find it again.

Make your destination not a place to arrive at, but rather from where you can see with new eyes.

We do not travel so that we can escape from life, but so that life does not flee from our grasp.

The quest of being anonymous in the tiniest of places is the real adventure behind travel.

For young people travel is an education, and in the older one it simply brings more experience.

The aesthetic of getting lost in performing the art of travel does not come quite so easily to all.

We need excuses to travel such as if Clinton loses or Trump wins; we would be going one way or the other.

Do not pretend as though you were meant to see a little part of the earth and be content, make the world your home.

Travel is strange and unique for it makes wise men wiser, and fools go even worse after travelling.

It is a unique contentment that birds have, although they can fly anywhere they stay in the same place.

Travelling is like evolution; we have travelled from mosses to larvae to our present forms through time and continents.

Travelers have no plans of seeing anything in particular, while tourists will always click what they have come to see.

Power and love are regained when we travel; gloom and jealousy revel when we let ourselves stagnate.

While we are in the quest of the beautiful when we travel, we must be beautiful ourselves whether we find beauty or not.

After you have come back from a long voyage, you can never be quite the same person as you were.

Travel is like carte blanche, there is an empty canvas of the earth which awaits the brushstrokes of our footsteps.

Travelling cannot be a marriage with life; we can only flirt with it if we wish to travel around.

After you see the sun or the moon shine from the other hemisphere of the world, your life changes a lot.

After returning from a tour, the travel lasts in your mind, it echoes in your eardrum and plays itself all over again.

Travel is a great leveler; it makes you humbler by asserting to you that you can always learn new things.

If ever you could not travel it was not because of shortage of money, but simply that of courage.

Travelling is like investing in yourself; you are the bank that is later going to reap you heavy profits by travelling.

Our souls have not come from within us, and they do not rest there. We must go beyond us to reach it.

After all we travel to faraway places to regain what we have allowed to become unrecognizable back in our own homes.

In books you will find the trains, the airplanes and the roads; they are the origins and the goals of travel.

When you go to some place it always becomes a part of what you are and what you become.

To travel well is the name of not having a plan to go anywhere specific, and of not to arrive.

Try to travel not to go anywhere in particular, but just for the sake of travel; make moving your affair.

We are in travel perpetually, sometimes to seek new people or places, sometimes new identities for us.

When you read you do travel, and because you do so you become; you read therefore you are.

Travel makes you see how tiny a proportion you are in the whole vast world; it humbles you.

Reading can make you travel not only into other worlds, but deeper worlds inside of you.

It is true that we travel to find ourselves there where we have not been yet, and come back home to find it back.

Airports are not chic, or else one language or the other would have coined the simile: pretty like an airport.

When you go somewhere, while you take your camera with you, do not forget to take yourself.

Try to stay home if you are a traveler who wants to ignore religion, culture, food and human emotions.

Nothing is foreign to us when we are travelers, only we are that which is foreign to the rest.

Even while sitting in a library we might be touring the wide expanse of the earth or earthworms.

Just to see the sun go down in various cities of the world can drive a traveler mad with passion.

Surely we must look ahead to the end of the journey, but in the end the journey alone will count.

It is only the wise who become wiser with travel, those ignorant grow more so after a voyage.

You are not a traveler defined by your luggage but by your experience, of the people you have seen or felt within.

For the die hard traveler sunshine is the most precious resource of gold to be found on earth for free.

Does the ocean smell different on the other hemisphere? A traveler should never lose sense of smell.

To a traveler a foreign nation may not be very comfortable, because it is supposed to be so for its own folks.

Not to know where you are going is not ignorance; if you knew you would simply be a tourist.

You might meet many people in the US or Europe, sometimes you might even meet yourself.

All great travelers see more than they can remember, and remember more than they could have seen.

After all travel is only an excuse to collect more photographs; for the rest it is to collect more wisdom.

If you want to travel fast do not seek a companion; patience is a detriment to your pace of travel.

Do we travel with our feet or with our eyes? Is travel the art of moving or consuming places like liqueur?

The most gratitude is owed to yourself and to the world when you travel; it is the name for introspection.

To travel in airplanes is like a paid method of you looking more and more like you passport photograph.

There is no antidote to the sting of the travel bug; you live your life wishing you were stung twice.

You do not realize how lovely it is to travel until you come back home, and retrospect on your bed.

There are two options for a traveler; one is with children, and the other one is first class, sans them.

Not to know anything of foreign climes is equal to not knowing anything of your own.

A good traveler is one who walks well, but then in each case a destination comes in between.

Travel makes you as it unmakes you; it masks you in an unknown identity, and unmasks you pretense.

Serendipity can be your sole travel guide, and let your whims be the inns and taverns you stop at while you travel.

To be the prince of you own rescue learn to travel to far and wide lands, beginning today.

A voracious reader does not fancy travel plans; he is already travelling distant universes.

It is a pity that you have to travel to learn what you could have by observing people and places back home.

Travel is going away from your comfort zone, to feel like an outsider to the concept of luxury.

Those who need more than one suitcase are tourists; those who make more than one map are travelers.

Paris is every man’s fantasy; while all long for it, Parisians long for other things than themselves.

When you travel do not just cross the frontiers of your lands, cross the frontiers of your beliefs as well.

Even London can seem more exotic than Cairo on a given day; you just need the eyes to behold it.

A decent book is the most cost effective ticket you can hold to your dream destination.

Sit at a café and watch people come in and go out; that is travelling too without even stepping a foot out.

Gratitude is a must when you come to the ripe of your career; to those people you met on your life’s journey.

Some people hold the belief that the best way to witness a city is to devour it through your eyes.

How many of us notice the tower clocks when we travel? Perhaps we are all anxious about time ticking away.

Not only we travel; consider the artifacts that travelled thousands of miles to reach our breakfast; consider tea.

Poets drift like clouds, travelers create new spaces, while tourists simply buzz like bees over rotten places.

Once you have reached the brink of your travels you might leave it behind but it will not leave you.

The act of a selfie is born out of the anxiety that people will not believe you were actually there.

If you have read enough about a city, sometimes the passion of reading quells the desire to travel there.

Travel as much and as often as you can because the world is much larger than your life.

Migratory birds travel between continents only to set up a home; we do so to escape it.

The secret of being the more typical tourist is to love or hate a place before you even know it.

Every time you travel try to create your own nation where you go; try to belong there the most naturally.

It is better not travel without your diary, since one must always have a sensational read while on the move.

If you think and travel and pay first class, you are most likely not travelling but only moving in luxury.

Talking is the antidote to travelling; listening is the virus that keeps your travel disease alive forever.

The comforts of modern day travel such as aircrafts will not hurt you although they might kill you.

To day dream about travel is cheap; like the urchin who watches other burst crackers on Diwali.

Travel magazines are not about travel; they are about eating whatever one has travelled and seen.

If you are English you would hardly merit in travelling to see more Englishmen of your kind.

Do not travel to the same places again and again, in the same way as you bookmark pages you have read.

The more you travel the deeper is the realization that you are a tiny blur on the face of the earth.

When you are in a scheme of work where you travel a lot, your home is your most cherished vacation.

We must travel to restore the human feet as the most preferred form of vehicle; let you spirit be your fuel.

If we really want to go into future, or even the past, the only thing we need to do is go into space.

Learn to, whenever you travel, feel like a nomad rather than a tourist; hoot away leisure, embrace hardship.


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