Night Time on the Small Balcony

Night time on the small balcony of a Moscow apartment we could see the lights of the Kremlin it doesn’t look like the capital of communism it looks more like some place they’d make chocolate

Exile: A Diptych

Perhaps when time rewrites its script a wild-eyed child oblivious to the sting of life’s maanja will chase the kite’s forlorn flight surfing in the windy void...

Canada Poems

We are surrounded by grey steel rising from auto plants smoke bleeding with the clouds like two sides of a breath and concrete everywhere concrete like a courtesan

Murree’s Baoli

Slivers of algae shine on old baoli, with brick walls crumbling into gravelly stones some kicked into ravines by jaunty joggers.

Kashgar II

There is none of the Ozymandian triumphalism of Uzbekistan’s Timurid, Shaybanid or Samanid skyscraping here, no imperial proclamation in stone of primacy of worship...


Whipped cream sea foam, brown Sugar sand caked toes, sun Roof frosted golden skin An oceanic cathedral dome, the Sistine of the sea

Invisible Guillotines

The Poet perceives the symmetry of thorn and calyx. The garishness of rose petals is intolerable and nothing competes with the blueprints of his beloved. In a land that finds solace in ostentation


In the dream you lived in a house with a staircase steeped into a mountain, so that to move betwixt the floors of your days was a pilgrim’s passage.